Becoming a Missional Community

Missional means:

The outworking of the knowledge of God (spirituality)
in and through the life of a faith community (church)
so as to join in with the purposes of God (kingdom)
in giving loving attention to the needs of the world around us (mission),
drawing people to the fire of God's love (evangelism)
so that they may share with us in God's life-giving mission to all creation.

** to be missional has a different meaning than the 'doing mission & outreach work' to which we are accustomed.

What's the connection between "mission" and "outreach"? It is ultimately, so much more than ministry that hopes to attract people to Sunday worship. The key to nurturing new disciples begins with authentic relationship-building. From

Getting to Know your Community: A number of people and parishes have undertaken processes to get to know their community over the past few years. There is no one *right* or *wrong* way to do this, however it can be intimidating to start from scratch. The following resources are provided to give you an idea of community roles and organizations you can approach to make sure you have a clear understanding of who and what are in your community.

MORE Mission Schools - MORE is not an acronym, it is our recognition that God wants MORE for us and our parishes than just survival. Check out their page for more information, dates, and locations!

25 Great (Parish & Community Activity) Ideas - These are from a contest held in the U.K., and although they were provided as fundraising ideas, could easily be converted to missional activities.

Natural Church Development - is a paradigm – a set of principles for thinking about church growth. Click the link for more information!

New Member Ministry - this collection of documents provides some templates for bringing new people into the life of your parish in a more intentional way than usually happens.

Spirit of Invitation / Invited: A six-part series for small groups on exploring “genuine Christian invitation.”  The resource consists of videos and print material. Each session lasts about 2 hours and follows a format of opening prayers, focus question & group discussion, Scripture study, reflection, video content (about 5 to 12 minutes), concluding reflection and prayer.

Incorporating New Members

Creating a Place of Welcome

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