Christian Formation

Faith Sharing Cards

Faith Formation Curriculum - Faith Formation is an active, life-long process. It's something that we have to be active and intentional about... but how do we do that? What does it look like? What resources are there to support it happening? This resource was developed by the Youth & Familiy Ministries VSST.

Stewardship is a core element of Christian practice. It is how we follow Jesus in our daily lives and live his mission as a parish. Giving Our Thanks & Praise is a guide and resource to increase giving, generosity and gratitude in your congregation to support God’s mission.

Building Blocks - This presentation was put together by the Healthy Parishes VSST to inform / remind parish groups about the importance of Christian Formation for all members of the parish, not just new members or young members. It is intended to provoke discussion and shows you where to stop for conversation. The presentation takes 10-15 minutes to deliver, not including time for conversation.

Presentation on Christian Formation PDF or PowerPoint

These next two items were developed by Diocesan staff and task group members to provide a wide variety of suggestions to parishes seeking resources in these areas.

Christian Formation Resources

Christian Formation Resources (a follow-up, for those farther along in their journey)

Anglican Identity Resource List

An organization called The Living Church has developed a new Faith Formation Educational Resource called These Are Our Bodies , with resources for a wide range of age groups.

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