Creating & Developing Disciples

Building up Lay Ministry - Our VSST ges lots of requests for help with encouraging and training lay people to take on some of the visiting traditionally done by clergy. This page provides some resources on how to do that as well as links to articles about how this is happening in other places.

I Intend… is a discipleship program that fosters spiritual growth, offers a holistic understanding of the life of faith and proposes practical and specific spiritual practices for daily living. Each area and session gives the individual an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on their life
  • Ask some key questions
  • Discern God’s call for faithful living
  • Decide on suitable spiritual practices
  • Record the practices in Intention Statements
  • Begin living generously and intentionally as a disciple of Christ.

Six-Minute Study Items - Congregational Development & Leadership

Giving our Thanks & Praise: Stewardship is a core element of Christian practice. It is how we follow Jesus in our daily lives and live his mission as a parish. Giving Our Thanks & Praise is a guide and resource to increase giving, generosity and gratitude in your congregation to support God’s mission

Reimagining Church - A five part video-based study series that provides a beginning point for parishes as they consider their future ministry goals

Holy Manners - A series of conversations leading to a document intended to help develop a positive atmosphere within the parish – including values of transparency, courtesy, clear communication, and pastoral care.  These processes are not clear to everyone.

Stewardship - From 2006 through 2009 a series of workshops were developed by a group of volunteers to assist parishes in learning what stewardship means. This page provides some stewardship definitions, links to Diocesan and national resources, and access to the original resources developed by the 2006-2009 task group.

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