Programs & Resources Supporting Healthy Parishes

The following programs are offered by he Diocese of NS & PEI in support of developing healthy congregations. They are organized by the Marks of a Healthy Congregation, as identified in the Healthy Churches Handbook.

  1. Energized by faith
    1. Diocesan Youth Conference (DYC)
    2. Teens Encounter Christ
    3. Cursillo
  2. Outward-looking focus
    1. Spirit of Invitation, from the Diocese of Toronto
    2. MORE Mission School - Resources for Mission booklet
  3. Seeks to find out what God wants
    1. Education for Ministry (EfM Canada) or contact David Harrison via the Synod Office
    2. Reimagining Church
    3. Healthy Churches Handbook
  4. Faces the costs of change and growth
    1. Revitalizing Congregations
    2. Stewardship - Resources & Downloads
    3. Committee Life Cycles
  5. Operates as a community
    1. Fresh Start
    2. Holy Manners - Overview, Example & Process
    3. Building Up Lay Ministry
  6. Makes room for all
    1. Enhancing Worship
    2. New Member Ministry
    3. Incorporating New Members
    4. Creating a Place of Welcome
  7. Does a few things, and does them well
    1. Stewardship
    2. Small Church, Great Church (Handouts & Resources from 2007 event)

Other items:

We could also identify other Anglican resources from Canada and internationally, and a few things like Gary's 'conversations' books

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