Building Healthy Parishes

Team Lead: Tanya Moxley; Members: Ron Barkhouse, Shirley Carras, Bp Cutler, David Harrison, Trevor Lightfoot, Gordon Redden, Ed Trevors, Lisa Vaughn

Got a question for us? You can email [healthyparishes at] and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Glossary of "Healthy Parishes" terminology

Resources for Mission - sources of ideas and grant funding for new initiatives

Characteristics of Healthy Parishes (Churches) (from a variety of sources)

The primary goal of our Task Group is to support parishes in their growth & development as people of God. We focus our work in three key areas at this time (2017-18):

  • Becoming a Missional Community
  • Christian Formation
  • Creating & Developing Disciples

Check the menu options to the left for more resources in our three key areas.

Faith Sharing Cards - these are intended to be used to promote faith-based discussion at the opening of any meetings held by your church community. A few are marked "IB" and are more informal 'ice-breaker'-type questions, while those marked "FS" for faith-sharing would likely promote deeper discussion that would require a bit more time.

How are the cards being used? Here are some examples we've collected. Please do let us know if you have a story to share!

  • Andrew's Locks Rd was publishing on their projector screen each Sunday.
  • All Apostles' had been publishing them in their Sunday bulletin.
  • The Collieries Parish had been doing mini-live discussions with the congregation on Sundays.
  • St. Nicholas posts the questions on their Facebook page and uses them as a discussion-starter for post-worship coffee time and following the Family Prayground service.
  • John the Evangelist, Mid. Sackville used them at a Parish Council meeting.
  • The walking group at All Saints Bedford uses them to start conversation in their walking pairs.
  • They were used as part of training for DYC last fall - it was a really great way for leaders to practice talking about their faith and a really great community-building activity!
  • Used weekly as the "On Board" in my EfM Online class with students from across Canada. They are well received and thought provoking.

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