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Please note:

ALL Building/Program Grant/Loan Applications to the Anglican Foundation MUST first go to the Diocesan Council for approval and also require a Letter of Support from the Diocesan Bishop.   Only three (3) applications per year may be submitted from the Diocese. For the dates of upcoming meetings of Diocesan Council, check here. Questions may be directed to  Edith Marshall, Executive Secretary of Synod.

ALL Trust and Bursary Applications MUST be accompanied by a Letter of Support from the Diocesan Bishop prior to submitting to the Anglican Foundation.

Criteria and Applications:  Visit the Anglican Foundation website for the Building/Program Grant/Loan Criteria and Application and the Bursary/Trust Criteria and Applications.  (note drop-down menu)




Anglican Foundation Loan/Grant Application Deadlines



Parishes are required to submit their Anglican Foundation Building/Program Loan/Grant Applications to the Synod Office two weeks in advance of the closest Diocesan Council meeting

Please do not send the Building/Program Loan application directly to the Anglican Foundation.  Only the applications that Council determines should be considered by the Foundation will go forward.


Anglican Foundation Loan/Grant Application annual Deadlines are:

  • April 1
  • September 1


For further information regarding the Anglican Foundation Grant Program, please visit the following website:

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