Campus Ministry

Mission Statement :

The Diocese has supported campus ministry for half a century and for this is respected by our National Church.

We support ministries on three campuses: Dal/Kings,  Acadia, & St. Francis Xavier University,  Dal/Kings is full time chaplaincy, and Acadia, & St. Francis Xavier are parish based ministries.

Campus ministry is about worship, pastoral counselling and programming. A special emphasis is put on social justice and ethics. If you wish more information or a personal contact with a campus minister, please use the following link below (Campus Ministers).

Special Programs

Programs and activities emanating from the chaplaincy  center around worship, lecture series on current moral and ethical topics,  retreats, social justice,etc.

Terms of Reference:

Campus Ministry oversees, elevates and reinforces the work of Campus ministry in the Diocese by

  1. supporting Campus Ministry where it already exists,
  2. encouraging the development of local advisory/support groups,
  3. encouraging Campus Ministry in those areas where none exists,
  4. encouraging the networking and mutual support of Campus Ministries throughout the diocese.         

Organizational Relationship:  Campus Ministry is a Task Group of the Youth and Family VSST.

 Chaplains available on campus

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