Our Donors Tell Their Story

Leaving Their Legacy

Our donors tell their story

Increasingly, Anglicans across the Diocese are discovering ways to support parish, diocesan and national ministry projects through a gift plan that makes sense in their own particular circumstances.   These gift plans are, of themselves, a spiritual act in that they bear witness to a life of faith in God.  

Here are just a few of the many stories from Anglicans across Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island .  


Bishop Sue and Bruce  Moxley

Bishop Sue and Bruce Moxley have used the leveraging  power of life insurance to create a future fund to support youth ministry in  the Diocese.  Bruce says, “Bishop Sue has  always had a particular interest in programs and initiatives that would help  with youth leadership development and programming so we decided to establish  this fund with that in mind.”  Their life  insurance policy premiums will be fully paid in a few years (for which they  receive annual tax receipts) and on their deaths the insurance benefit will be  paid to the diocese for youth ministry                         


ShawDennis Shaw

Dennis Shaw, a faithful member of St. Andrew’s Church, Cole Harbour  enjoys the challenge of fund raising for the church.  “Never be afraid to go after money for a good  cause”, he says.  Perhaps his most  enjoyable experience was the Leap For Faith Capital campaign during which he  canvassed members of the group, The Bishop’s Men.  He exceeded his goal by a long shot.  “I have never been so proud to call myself a  member of the group.”



HarrisonJean and Linton Harrison

Jean and Linton Harrison have been active in many church ministries over the years. They recognize their faith has been an important part of their lives and acknowledge that “the church has been a part of their reaction to that belief”. They have arranged gifts to the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund and the Leap For Faith Endowment Fund in their estate plans.

 PenneyMiriam Penney

Miriam has arranged a life insurance gift for her parish.   Her gift is a way of ensuring future generations of young people will have the church play an important role in shaping who they are.

“As a one-time warden, I know what happens when we don’t have enough money,” she says. “We all must dig deeper if we want our churches to be around in the years to come.”


LeRoy Peach

(LeRoy’s) work in the fundraising area of church life has only reinforced his belief in “the institution of the Church and its role in spreading the good news.” He feels that part of his journey of faith is to remember his Church financially now and by making a gift to the Diocese in his will. “The Church needs funds if it’s to continue spreading the good news,” he says.




conrodAllan Conrod  “The Lord has been very good to me, having provided me with many talents that I have been able to use to generate more. These talents should be used for the glory of God and his Church.” (Allan) says that with the establishment of the Leap for Faith capital campaign, “we should offer our talents, financially, physically and mentally, in completing our project.”   He believes this will lead to a stronger Diocese that is able to fulfill the campaign’s objectives. This is why Allan has already committed to a pacesetting gift; “I believe so strongly in the objectives of the campaign.”

But he also remembered his own parish in his Will.


 James Burchill (James) knows that when churches are faced with having to make budget cuts, music programs are often impacted. So when he drew up his will several years ago, he decided to leave a legacy to the Cathedral to establish an endowment fund for the music program. But he realized that with the uncertainties of possible future nursing home care, there might be little or nothing left for a legacy.

…… “Since I am currently able to give a yearly donation, I have set up the endowment fund now so that it can benefit from my donations and those of others during my lifetime,” says James. “The benefits of this endowment fund will therefore begin earlier.”


Tanya Moxley When Tanya left home to attend the University of Guelph , she was pleasantly surprised to receive a financial gift towards her education from the Diocese through a fund set up to specifically help clergy children with the costs of postsecondary education. She was so grateful that Tanya has established a planned gift of her own that will contribute to the same fund – the Binney Fund.



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