Growth For Ministry Fund

PURPOSE: To provide for development and/or expansion in new growth areas at the parish, regional or diocesan level; to provide seed monies for experiential and/or new forms of ministry; to provide seed money for projects that foster engagement with the wider community and the gospel; to provide funding for Outreach Ministry which touches the lives of those in need in society in general.

AMOUNT: All grants and loans are subject to the availability of funds.

DEADLINE: May 31st

APPLICATION: Download form to be completed, including a budget. See Policy 2.2.9 Growth for Ministry Fund - Governing Regulations and Application for Funding (Revised February 2017) [Word] [pdf]


Church Extension and Ministry Development Fund

PURPOSE: Grants to a parish for the establishment of a Mission Project within a church, parish, or region that is deemed appropriate by the Bishop for the purpose of stimulating growth or enhancement of a parish’s life. The project would be an intended program or activity that a parish undertakes as to engage with the wider community. The CE&MD Fund provides seed monies for mission projects and initiatives that develop or create opportunities for deeper interaction with the surrounding community and stimulate possibilities for growth and renewal.

AMOUNT: Two streams of funding – one for loans (for capital projects, etc.) and one for grants (for mission outreach projects). Up to 100% of the requested amount may be applied for as a grant.

DEADLINE: October 15th.

APPLICATION: Download form to be completed, including a budget. See Policy 2.2.14 The Church Extension and Ministry Development Fund - December 2016 Revision;

  • 2.2.14 Appendix 1 - Application for Funding for Parish Mission Outreach Project Grants [Word] [pdf]
  • 2.2.14 Appendix 2 - Application for Funding for Mortgages & Loans [Word] [pdf]

Lay Leadership Legacy Fund

PURPOSE: Lay people to study and train to better equipped for ministry.

AMOUNT: Up to 50% of funding is reimbursed.

DEADLINE: Applications reviewed monthly.

APPLICATION: Two letters - one from the applicant, another from the parish - describing how it will be beneficial to both. Apply to the Bishop’s office: [email protected] or write Lay Leadership Legacy Fund, c/o Bishop’s Office, Diocese of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island, 1340 Cathedral Lane, Halifax, NS   B3H 2Z1



The Anglican Foundation (

PURPOSE: Grants and loans for innovative ministry and diverse infrastructure projects and theological formation across the Canadian church. Whether it is outreach, evangelism, accessibility, roofs or washrooms, financial assistance is intended to encourage people to imagine more, and to fulfill their dreams through projects that expand and strengthen ministries across Canada. Includes:


Building/program grants

AMOUNT: AFC funds projects up to 50%. The remaining 50% of the of the total project budget, must be raised or accounted for at the time of application. Maximum grant award up to $15,000. Maximum loan award is $100,000. DEADLINE: April 1st. and September 1st (Requires approval from Diocesan Council.)



Bursaries for theological education – General theological training for ordained or lay ministry; For Advanced degree study at the post-graduate level; For Doctor of Ministry degree. All would be from a recognized theological college.

AMOUNT: Award may range between $1,500 and $2,500 for an academic year



Trusts for arts, music, preaching, Indigenous ministry, and more. TAF administers approximately 40 trusts and funds.

AMOUNT: Various




Community ACCESS-Ability Program

PURPOSE: To provide equal opportunity and improved access to community facilities for persons with disabilities. Cost-shared grants to community groups for accessibility related capital improvements.

AMOUNT: Grants cover up to two-thirds of the direct and indirect costs of renovations, installations, and/or equipment to a maximum of $10,000. The sponsoring organization must raise at least one-third of the funding from other sources.

DEADLINE: Applications are currently being accepted for this year. Projects must be complete by the end of the fiscal year, March 31st, 2019.




Building Vibrant Communities Grant

PURPOSE: To offer communities an opportunity to contribute their knowledge and experience to: alleviate the impacts of poverty; prevent the cycle of poverty; build capacity in their local communities to address their own poverty-related priorities; and collaborate with other community partners.

AMOUNT: Seed monies up to $50,000 per project

DEADLINE: End of July APPLICATION: Contact Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, 902-424-4506,  [email protected]


Communities, Culture & Heritage - General Requests

PURPOSE: To support professional arts and culture organizations that develop and sustain Nova Scotia's cultural community. The types of organizations that receive assistance include: those that produce cultural product, own or manage cultural facilities, provide service to the cultural sector or produce a cultural festival or event. These organizations are fundamental to the vitality of cultural life in Nova Scotia either as primary producers, enablers or developers of cultural activity.


DEADLINE: February 15th

APPLICATION: Contact Culture & Heritage Development Division staff before submitting a proposal. Susan Jeffries

Development Officer, 902-424-2873, [email protected]




Culture Innovation Fund

PURPOSE: To invest in initiatives and projects carried out by organizations, partnerships, and collaborations working to use creativity and our diverse culture to address social issues and opportunities within communities. The fund also supports initiatives intended to strengthen the role of museums and libraries.


DEADLINE: Applications open April 1st. APPLICATION: Contact Culture & Heritage Development Division staff before submitting a proposal. Susan Jeffries

Development Officer, 902-424-2873, [email protected]


Age-Friendly Communities Grant

PURPOSE: To support community projects that lead to more age-friendly communities. These innovative projects (could be collaborative) develop and/or implement programs, services, resources or events that support active, healthy living; help older adults stay connected to community life; maximize the economic and social contributions of older adults; and increase social interaction and community involvement among older adults.

AMOUNT: Up to $10,000

DEADLINE: September 1st. (If there are remaining funds, then again by February 1st.)

APPLICATION: Complete the downloadable application online. Submit with supporting documents via email to:

[email protected] or mail to: Age-friendly Communities Program, Department of Seniors, Barrington Tower, 15th Floor, 1894 Barrington Street, Halifax, NS B3J 2A8




Investing in our Future - A variety of funding programs, grants and awards are available for individuals and organizations in Nova Scotia. They are an important part of sustaining and growing our culture and heritage sectors. By investing in innovation, creativity and arts, these programs help industries succeed, create jobs, support artists and enhance our communities.

Categories include:

  • Creative Industries Funding
  • Major Event Hosting
  • Strategic Funding Initiative program
  • Community Transportation Action Plan
  • Let’s Get Moving Nova Scotia
  • Festival and Community Event Development
  • Sport and Recreation Funding Programs
  • Trail Funding Programs
  • Community Funding and Awards
  • Culture Funding and Awards
  • Heritage Funding




Wellness Grant Program

PURPOSE: To advance work in these five important areas: healthy eating, physical activity, living tobacco free, consuming alcohol responsibly and mental health.

AMOUNT: Up to $5,000.

DEADLINE: July 6th

APPLICATION: Complete the application form and include a budget, and two letters of engagement. Submit via email at [email protected] or mail to Wellness Grant Program, c/o Laura Lee Noonan, Chief Public Health Office

16 Fitzroy Street, P.O. Box 2000, Charlottetown, PEI C1A 7N8, (902) 620-3517, (902) 620-3354.




Seniors' Secretariat Grant

PURPOSE: To fund organizations and community groups to host activities, which align with priority areas of the Seniors' Secretariat, that include projects which reduce the social isolation of seniors; projects which promote positive images of aging; Home First/Age in Place Projects; and financial security and safety.


DEADLINE: April 15th.

APPLICATION: Contact PEI Seniors Secretariat, Office of Seniors, (902) 620-3785, 1-866-770-0588 or [email protected]





Cultural Tourism Festivals and Events Funding Program

PURPOSE: To help fund any activity which attracts visitors to Prince Edward Island and provides them opportunities to experience heritage, culture, and cuisine

AMOUNT: $1,000 to $2,500

DEADLINE: Applications will be accepted until March 1st or until funds are depleted.

APPLICATION: Complete online application with related supporting documents.





Community Cultural Partnership Program

PURPOSE: To assist with activities that promote the culture and heritage of Prince Edward Island. Priority is given to new initiatives fostering community partnerships.

AMOUNT: Grants are limited to 50 % of eligible expenses, to a maximum of $2,500.

DEADLINE: May 1st.

APPLICATION: Complete online application with related supporting documents.







A variety of funding programs, grants and awards are available including those related to:

  • Community Improvement
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Employment Programs
  • Economic Development
  • Green Municipal Fund
  • Housing
  • Public Security
  • Recreation



Check with your local counsellor. There are often local programs with grant funding available. Your municipal representative also has discretionary funds (in small amounts) to help support community initiatives.  






New Horizons for Seniors Program

PURPOSE: To provide capital assistance for new and existing community projects and/or programs for seniors. Projects must be led or inspired by seniors and address one or more of the following five program objectives: promoting volunteerism among seniors and other generations; engaging seniors in the community through the mentoring of others; expanding awareness of elder abuse, including financial abuse; supporting the social participation and inclusion of seniors; and providing capital assistance for new and existing community projects and/or programs for seniors.

AMOUNT: Community-based projects are eligible to receive up to $25,000 in grant funding per project for up to 1 year. OR Apply for a small grant of up to $5,000 under the community-based funding stream.






Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia

PURPOSE: To provide funding through the Community Grants and Nova Scotia Health Authority Mental Health & Addictions, Central Zone (NSMHA) Grants to programs and community organizations with a mental health mandate. Programs and services include mental health staff training, healthy living initiatives, community integration supports, housing projects, anti-stigma education, and anti-bullying programs.

AMOUNT: Up to a total of $25,000

DEADLINE: Awards granted on a bi-annual basis. Submissions open in January and close near the end of February; Second call is July with the close at the end of August.




Wellness Funds – Nova Scotia Community Health Boards

PURPOSE: To support the implementation of the CHB Community Health Plan recommendations by funding local community projects that use a population health approach, addressing the Social Determinants of Health, such as income, education, social supports, early childhood development, etc.

AMOUNT: Grants typically range anywhere from $250 to $3000. Larger requests may be considered on a case by case basis.

DEADLINE: Opens in June. Closes October 15th.

APPLICATION: Complete the online application for your region.


See also the brochure:



The Community Foundation of PEI



  • Edith and Eric C. Robinson Fund - This Community Fund was created by Edith Robinson in 2001 to honour the memory of her late husband Eric who died in 1996. Edith passed away in 2004. The income from this fund is used to make grants to local Island organizations to enhance the quality of life for Islanders.


  • Fund 1 (Anonymous) - This Community Fund was created in 2002 by an anonymous donor. The income earned supports the work of Island charitable organizations.


  • Island Fund - This Community Fund was established in 1998 by the Community Foundation of PEI. Income earned from the fund is used to support existing and emerging charitable needs and organizations.


  • Thomas F. and Katherine W. Upson Fund - This Community Fund was created by Thomas and Katherine Upson in 2006 to provide grants to existing and emerging charitable needs and organizations.


The Community Foundation of PEI - A Variety of Other Funds




Segelberg Trust

PURPOSE: To provide a place and opportunity for dialogue and consultation and mechanism to reach youth, about beliefs and spirituality within the areas of Theology, Public Policy and the Environment. Funds are used to promote theological conferences, religious education, music study, and in particular, reaching out to youth who might not otherwise be exposed to the contributions of spirituality and formal religion.

AMOUNT: Funding is limited to one third of the total cost of the project. Trustees expect to see co-funding being sought or available before considering the project.

DEADLINE: December 1st

APPLICATION: Completed applications must be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] See:


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