Synod Office Staff - Who Does What

(updated 5Mar18)

Primary duties of individual staff members

Edith Marshall, Executive Secretary of Synod

  • manages all activities related to Diocese Council meetings, including preparation of the agenda and coordinator of reports;
  • coordinates activities related to Diocesan Synod, including receiving resolutions and preparation of the agenda and the convening circular; and
  • other activities as assigned by the Diocesan Bishop.

The Rev'd Lisa Vaughn, Parish Vitality Coordinator

The Rev’d. Lisa Vaughn, is available upon request to work with regions, parishes, groups of parishes, and lay and clergy leaders. This may be for general or specific consultation, training, and facilitation of processes to help congregations explore options. These may be focused on matters related to discipleship, leadership, healthy structures, and to help create Mission Action Plans (MAPs). A mission action plan encompasses a congregation’s resources and opportunities to help direct activities and decision-making towards a goal of growing missionally in their specific context. She can also offer referrals for resources and other supports (expertise). See the Facebook page “Parish Vitality Coordinator – Diocese of NS & PEI” for informative articles, inspiring quotes and Diocesan photos.

Contact info: Rev. Lisa G. Vaughn, Parish Vitality Coordinator.

902-420-0717, Ext.# 1169  [email protected]

Archdeacon Marilyn Newport, Vocations Coordinator 

Position Purpose: to coordinate the Discernment, Formation, Education Program for the Community of Associate Parish Priests and to walk alongside the individuals, their parish and rector from the outset of their journey to its conclusion.

This is a ½ time contract position effective January 1, 2014 for a term of three years, renewable.

Jan Connors, Diocesan Administrative Assistant

  • Webmaster
  • Diocesan Council support
  • Diocesan Synod support
  • Synod Office technical support for webinars, surveys, software, etc.

Kathy Saunders, Diocesan Administrative Assistant

  • Discernment & Formation
    • Discernment Weekend
    • ACPO
    • Pre-Ordination Reviews
    • Summer Student Placements
  • Diocesan SafeR Church – Care2Screen
  • Clergy/Lay Gatherings, Workshops
  • Archdeacons and Regional Deans

Lorraine Slopek, Diocesan Archivist

The Diocesan Archivist is the custodian of all the non-current records of permanent value of the Diocese, including its parishes, offices and agencies, committees and organizations, and is responsible for preserving, maintaining and managing access to the diocesan archival collection, according to procedures mandated by Canon Law, working in consultation with the Archives Committee, the Executive Director and the Registrar. The Archivist also collaborates with other archives and research institutions in the local, regional and national archival community and provides research guidance to the general public.

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