Back to Church Sunday

While individual churches my choose a different date, internationally, Back to Church Sunday is

September 17, 2017


      This year Back-to-Church Sunday is Sept. 17 or your parish can choose a workable date for your community. There are lots of free resources and ideas to kick-start the autumn season of worship and parish activities. Remember, B2CS is more than just one day. It's an attitude of invitation and gracious hospitality all year round! 


(A)  Here is the North American Back-to-Church Sunday website.


(B) The Diocese of Toronto has launched "Spirit of Invitation" and connects this initiative with Back to Church Sunday (their date is Sept. 27). There are a number of free downloadable postcard invitations.


(C) Also, here is the UK version. It's called "Season of Invitation" with more emphasis on the entire time frame of September through to Advent/Christmas.


Check out the link "Training" with the drop down to "Training Video."  This is free video teaching with Michael Harvey. They are short and perfect for Sunday presentations or church meetings and gatherings.


The "Take Part" drop down link offers general preparation tips, suggestions for children, and ideas for special days, including Remembrance Day and Christmas. 


(D)  Disciples for Life - Free Downloads when you have purchased the B2CS kits. 


(E)  Check out the Back-to-Church Sunday Tip sheet and Michael Harvey article posted on the Diocese of New Westminster, BC, website.