Diocesan Council Highlights

Video Highlights of Diocesan Council

As of February 2011 all the Council highlights are on the Diocesan "You Tube" Channel

If you want to down load the video for use where there is no internet connection, use the Firefox browser, open Firefox, click on tools,  go to add-ons, and search for 'download' you'll get a few different apps, for example 'download helper'  Install it and follow the direction from the application.

Record of Carried Motions









Archived Highlights in PDF

Referenced links in the you tube video of June 2011:


Summary of Episcopal Leadership Survey


This survey was conducted February 2014 to support the work of the Task Group studying Episcopal Leadership for Diocesan Council. Invitations to participate via Survey Monkey were emailed to the entire Diocese. This is not a scientifically representative survey with no attempt at randomization or equal representation. We have summarized the most note-worthy results from the survey. We received 229 responses, though not all questions were answered by all respondents.



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