Fairness in Basic Human Needs

Contact:  The Rev'd Kees Zwanenburg or Andy Sherin

The Diocese is involved in a variety of programs of outreach:

Restorative Justice

Do You Believe In Second Chances?

Halifax Community Chaplaincy (HCC) is looking for volunteers to support the work of the Community Chaplain and also for a program new to Halifax called Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA). Both programs are rooted in the principles of Restorative Justice which address the needs of the victim, the community and the offender. Trained volunteers will work with the Community Chaplain to provide a visible and active pastoral presence in the community to offenders, ex-offenders, their families and the staff of Correctional Services of Canada (CSC).

Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) is a community-based reintegration program where trained volunteers assist released offenders who are deemed at high risk to reoffend, in their effort to re-enter society. These ex-offenders, referred to as Core Members, go through a rigorous application process to be included in the program and must demonstrate a strong commitment to not reoffending. A “Circle” involves a group of three to four screened and trained volunteers who commit themselves to befriend, support and hold accountable a former sex offender who, because he is held to the end of his sentence, is returning to the community with little or no support available to him and often with much media attention. Circles help the Core Member establish a stable lifestyle and model positive, pro-social lifestyles. Existing research (Wilson, Cortoni and McWhinnie,2009) suggests that sexual reoffending rates for men who participate in CoSA are 80% lower than for men who do not participate in CoSA. Significant reductions in all other types of reoffending have also been observed. Today there are 16 CoSA sites across Canada.

Both HCC and CoSA are looking for volunteers from all walks of life who want to help offenders and ex-offenders adjust to a responsible and safe community life and who believe in the dignity of all members of our communities. We also invite you to contact us, Sister Pat Wilson, Community Chaplain at (902)426.2565, and Shirley Dixon, CoSA Project Coordinator at (902)492.0569. Website for more information


Justice Camp

A justice camp is held yearly, hosted different dioceses in Canada. For more information or to register visit www.justicecamp.ca

An initiative of the Partners in Mission and Eco Justice Committee of the Anglican Church of Canada, Justice Camp is a weeklong immersion experience focused around a specific social justice issue, which is reflected upon in the light of biblical study and prayer. Each camp is hosted by a diocese and is planned and organized by a local coalition of partners.

Persons who want to attend and need funding to do so should contact Andrew Sherin about possible financial support at [email protected] or 902 466 7965


Coverdale Centre has been in operation as a community-based agency since 1980, though has been involved in working with women in conflict with the law since 1923. The centre adheres to women-centred principles and functions from a team-oriented approach comprised of two social workers, one therapist, and one addiction counsellor. Coverdale operates on a continuum of care commencing from the moment a woman enters the criminal justice system, through to incarceration and release. There are no time restrictions placed upon help accorded; a woman can access the centre indefinitely. Services include court support, family violence and addiction counselling, mental health services, and child care assistance.
Coverdale: Halifax, Nova Scotia (902) 422-6417 Our Contact: Barb Leedham

Kairos Canada

KAIROS…Canadian churches working together for justice and peace
KAIROS…Faithful action for justice and peace
In a time such as ours…

KAIROS unites Canadian churches and religious organizations in a faithful ecumenical response to the call to “do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).

Informed by biblical teaching, KAIROS deliberates on issues of common concern, striving to be a prophetic voice in the public sphere. Inspired by a vision of God’s compassionate justice, KAIROS advocates for social change, amplifying and strengthening the public witness of its members. Responding to Christ by engaging in social transformation, KAIROS empowers the people of God and is empowered by them to live out our faith in action for justice and peace, joining with those of goodwill in Canada and around the world Information from their national website

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