Finance Office Forms and Reference Documents


  • Clergy Salary Advice Form 2019 [Word] [pdf
  • Lay Salary Advice Form 2019 [Word] [pdf]
  • Direct Depost / Pre-Authorization Payment Form [Word] [pdf]
  • Priest-in-Charge Payroll Advice Form 2019 [Word] [pdf]
  • Change of Treasuer Information Form [Word] [pdf]
  • Change of Consolidated Trust Fund Information [Word] [pdf]
  • New Hire Information Form [Word] [pdf]
  • Travel Advance Agreement 2019 [Word] [pdf]

[updated 8Jan19]

Reference Documents

  1. Deadlines for Payroll 2019

[updated 21Nov18]

Links to Other Pages:

  • 2019 Clergy Minimum Stipend Scale (Policy 2.1.19)
    • The 2018 Clergy Minimum Stipend Scale is still posted at the same page for reference to parishes preparing 2019 budgets.
  • TD1 Forms (two required; federal and either NS or PEI) all available at this link
    • REMINDER: If there is a change in the tax situation of anyone on Diocesan payroll, a new set of TD1's (i.e. Federal and NS or PEI) must be completed and sent to the Payroll Office.

[updated 21Nov18]