Notification of Opening - Parish of the Ressurection, Sydney

Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Parish of the Resurrection, Sydney

The bishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island is searching for a rector for the Parish of the Resurrection, Sydney Nova Scotia. This is a full time position.

Located on beautiful Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia and rich in history, The Parish of the Resurrection came into being in 2004 as an amalgamated Parish in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. Parishioners came together from eleven separate Anglican churches to form the Parish of the Resurrection. It was given its unique name, symbolic of rising to new life and to everlasting life, by Bishop Fred Hiltz, current Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Our Parish mission statement “The Parish of the Resurrection, through living by and in the richness of God’s love and the fellowship of each other, will seek to share the joy and abundant life with which we have been blessed” speaks of the communion we share within the Parish and within our community.

There are three church buildings in the parish: The Church of Christ the King in the city of Sydney, St Bartholomew’s Church in the historic town of Louisbourg (20 minutes from Sydney) and St George’s Church (1785) in Sydney’s historic north end. The Church of Christ the King and St Bartholomew’s hold regular Sunday worship services and historic St George’s has occasional evensong and is open for public tours during the summer cruise ship tourism season. 

Life in the Cape Breton regional municipality is that of a small city surrounded by several towns – the historic fishing town of Louisbourg being one. Cape Breton Island, once rich in coal mining, fishing, and a thriving Steel Plant is now a service industry and tourism center with plans for a large container ship port in the wings for the industrial center. Historic St George’s Church is the Island’s first church, a British garrison church dating to 1785. St Bartholomew’s dates to 1858, built after the British army conquered and destroyed historic Fortress Louisbourg. Often referred to as a cultural melting pot, the Island boasts a large cohesive multi-cultural community where people of different nationalities and faiths live in harmony and respect. You will find road signage in English, French, Mi'kmaq First Nation, and Gaelic … and you can attend many multi-cultural events all over the Island throughout the year.

The Parish of the Resurrection is seeking a team leader who is both spiritually passionate and compassionate. The parish currently has an Associate Parish Priest and a postulant for ordination in the Associate Parish Priest program. We need someone who is grounded in the Anglican tradition yet flexible enough to think outside the box as we struggle to retain young families in our congregation. You must be able to move comfortably within the community and with a clear voice represent the Parish in the larger community, as we wish to continue awareness of our church mission and reputation of being accepting to all.

We are seeking someone who will be a motivational stimulus to the current ministries within our Parish and with conflict management skills - someone who is empathetic, audible, and energetic with a sense of humor … who can gracefully guide us to share the abundant life with which we have been blessed.

For the complete Parish Profile and application form please contact Ms. Jana O’Neil, Administrative Assistant for the Bishop, at [email protected] (902) 420-0717


The deadline for receipt of applications is 5pm., June 30th, 2017.

Please note;

  • A Police Records Check report, Vulnerable Sector Check report and a Child Abuse Registry check (if available) must be submitted with the application.


  1. Clergy from outside the Diocese of Nova Scotia and P.E.I., must present confirmation that they are a priest in good standing and have their bishop’s permission to seek employment opportunities outside their own diocese.

A copy of Canon 25 can be found on our website at :


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