Planned Giving


What is planned giving? It really is gift planning…planning your gift to ensure that it meets your needs and those of your family while fully expressing your stewardship of God’s gifts to you. Your gift plan may include a gift made now, a gift that will take place after your death (deferred), or a combination of both.


Now available to download

Telling Your Story is a special resource booklet to help Anglicans discover the value of estate planning within a Christian stewardship context. Offering 50 pages of information, chapters include wills, power of attorney, living will, Christian burial and funeral liturgies, income tax issues and more. Available for download or by contacting the Synod Office.



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Our regular offerings

Many Anglicans understand the importance of their weekly offering for the work of their church. Such gifts are important as they provide a consistent source of funds supporting the growth of the church’s ministry. Perhaps more importantly, it is an expression of one’s personal stewardship. Through our offering we are returning a portion of the generous gifts that God provides to us. In planning our regular offering the question is not, "How much should I give to the Church?" but rather, "How do I appropriately respond to God’s generosity in my life?"

Expressing your values

When you express your values through an ongoing gift to the Church's mission and ministry, you touch many lives. Planned Giving is a lasting, invaluable way to extend your Christian witness far beyond your own lifetime. Only by careful and intentional planning can we be good stewards of all of God’s gifts to us. Through this sense of stewardship we can support all that we hold dear in life – our family and our church.

Realizing the possibilities

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a gift annuity is the personal fulfillment you receive by supporting Anglican ministry in your parish, diocese, Canada, or throughout the world. Your gift enables our Anglican Church to proclaim Christ’s love to the world and to make a difference in the lives of others.

Consult your advisors

Because of the complexity of these gift plans you are strongly urged to contact the Diocesan office to discuss your plans, regardless of the level of the church you wish to support.

The Anglican Church urges you to consult a professional financial advisor or lawyer when planning your gift, so that provisions for your own care and that of your loved ones remain at the heart of your decision making. A professional can guide you to the best income tax advantages for your estate, and potentially increase your income or the size of your overall resources. Planned Giving can effectively help you do the most for your heirs.

For information or confidential assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Planned Giving consultant at:
The Planned Giving Office
The Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
1340 Cathedral Lane, Halifax, NS  B3H 2Z1

Tel: 902 420 0717 (Synod office)      [email protected]



The planned giving logo is built upon the shape of a bishop’s mitre reminding us that our church is episcopally led in the succession of the Apostles. The sign of the cross represents our Lord’s passion and resurrection. The horizontal element of the cross represents the world and the vertical, God.
As Christians we are called to live our lives at the intersection of the horizontal and the vertical. It is here that we respond to Christ’s call to proclaim the Gospel to the world. Here we discern our Christian vocation and carry out our ministry as a community grounded in faith, and as a visible sign of our witness to Christ.

Through our faith we respond generously to God’s love in our lives. We exercise good stewardship of God’s generous gifts to us, both as individuals and corporately, as a church. Our responsible stewardship will bear the fruit from which the seeds of our church’s ministry to future generations will grow and flourish.

Planned giving in the church simply is our response to God’s love by exercising responsible stewardship of all that we have been given by God. This will include the preparing of a valid will to ensure that our families we will be cared for in the future. It also includes, if at all possible, the establishment of gifts supporting God’s work in the world.


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