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NS Volunteer Protection Act

Parishes of Nova Scotia re the NS Volunteer Protection Act - Memo July, 2015

(This information is not applicable to PEI volunteers in the Diocese.)

Upcoming SafeR Church Webinars

The topics of the training podcast sessions are planned as follows:

(1) The Parish's Responsibilities for abuse prevention and response training, education, and information  

Now available


(2) Working with Youth

SafeR Church Information, Education, and Training Podcast: Working with Youth

SafeR Church Information, Education, and Training Podcast

Working with Youth


(Please note that this list is subject to change and that there WILL be overlap and repetition in and among different sections of the resource document and podcast(s).)

- Information, Education, and/or Training re Working with Youth: Deciding “Who Needs What?” (i.e., What information does the whole Parish need to know? Participants? Parents of Participants? Is Parish Council educated about the legal obligations of the Parish in relation to working with youth? What kind of situations do leaders of Youth Ministries need to be trained to respond to? Etc.)

- Background and Context

- Who is a “youth”? Age ranges, definitions, considerations

-Abuse: Definitions, stats, Misconceptions and realities

- Moral, ethical, and legal obligations of parishes in relation to youth

- Legal obligations to protect from, to report, abuse, to care for people involved (reporting protocols, response mechanisms, etc.)

- Criminal and civil laws related to abuse and special considerations re youth (e.g., re relationships between youth leaders and youth, etc.)

- Insurance issues (e.g., ratios, screening mechanisms, etc.)

- Making Parish Ministries to, for, and with Youth SafeR

- Identifying risks in the Ministries themselves (programs and positions), in related Governance and Intangibles, and creating measures to respond that complement and support training of leaders

(e.g., Decision-making tool for emergencies, holding meetings of parents, participants, leaders at beginning of the year, before a special event, etc.)

- Specific Information, Education, and Training Issues re Working with Youth:

- Codes of Conduct/Covenants/Ground Rules

- Group norms

- Problem resolution – chaplains, care teams, etc.

- Privacy and confidentiality

- Abuse: Definitions, misconceptions, protecting people from, responding to allegations, disclosures, suspicions, etc.; caring for people in such situations

- Recognizing indicators of abuse, appropriate response

- Defining and maintaining appropriate boundaries

- Issues related to physical activities, physical displays of affection, etc.

- Health issues (allergies, medication, etc.)

- Responding to an emergency situation

- Problem or illegal behaviour

- Use of electronics, IT, social media

- Protection from discrimination (e.g., gender identity and expression)

- Transportation

- Overnight and long-distance trips

- Ratios of leaders to participants

- Youth as leaders of youth programs
- Creating safe spaces, culture of openness, “routes” for people to raise difficult questions, identify problems

- Involvement of parents, guardians

- Religious elements of youth programs


            Other suggestions?? Send an email to [email protected]

(3) Working with Children

(4) Wording with Vulnerable Adults

(5) Working with Parish Assets (Finances, Property, etc.) 

(6), etc. Depending on response and feedback, additional training podcasts focussed on other topics may be offered. 

Other Podcasts?:  TBD by your requestes


From February 26, 2014 to May 7, 2015 twenty (20) SafeR Church Webinars were held with participation at each from across the two Provinces of our Diocese.  In January 2016 the first of several pre-recorded webcasts/podcasts was made available.  All are availabe from the index above.  HOWEVER, if you have questions and/or have suggestions for a future webinar or podcast, please let us know.  Contact Lorraine Street or Jan Connors.

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