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Members of the Stewardship Resource Development Group are available to help parishes and regions with their Stewardship projects. All are learning new skills and becoming familiar with new resources. They may be contacted at  [email protected]

Gospel Based Discipleship files

Identifying Spiritual Gifts


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Narrative Budget files

A Narrative Budget "describes the ministry, mission or work and what financial resources are directed to it."

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Growing in Christ - Notes

Oct 2, 2010 Stewardship Conference

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“Without a vision, the people perish.” Proverbs

  • Always keep in mind: "People will give to a project, or to disaster relief, or to a ministry, but not to a budget.”
  • A catalogue “Resources for Parish Financial Development” is available from the Resource Centre, which lists the variety of resources available to parishes.
  • Developing a Parish Vision
  • Functions Of A Vision

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Stewardship Workshop Handouts

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Worship Resources

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