Vision Strategy and Support Teams & Task Groups

Vision Strategy and Support Teams

Team Leaders and Members, reporting Diocesan Council

Building Healthy Parishes

Team Leader: Tanya Moxley.  Members: Rev'd Ron Barkhouse, Rev'd Shirley Carras, Bishop Ron Cutler, David Harrison, Rev'd Trevor Lightfoot,  Canon Gordon Redden, Rev'd Ed Trevors, Rev'd Lisa Vaughn

Building Healthy Leadership

Inactive.  Under review in combination with Building Healthy Parishes VSST

Human Resources

Team Leader: Rev. John Morrell; Members: Edith Marshall, Rev. Rachael Parker (secretary), Rev. Canon Gordon Redden, Carolyn Chenhall, Rev. Laurie Omstead,  Rev. Cheryl Rafuse, Allan Turner and Jeff Marshall.

Youth and Family Ministry

Team Leader:  Debbie Fice;   Members:  Cydney Proctor, Judi Colp, Rev. Brieanna Andrews, Melinda Tattrie, Rev. Jackie Warren, Jessie Bower, Rev. Elliott Siteman, and Allie Colp - Y&FM Coordinator.

Mission Outreach and Social Justice (MOST)

Team Leader:  Rev’d Marion Lucas-Jeffries;  Members:  Rev’d Marion Lucas-Jeffries (Environment), Chris Pharo (PWRDF), VACANT (First Nations Relationships), Marie Kettle (Refugee Sponsorship), Andy Sherin (Basic Human Needs)

Refugee Sponsorship Task Group:  Marie Kettle (Refugee Coordinator), Parish of French Village; Bishop Ron Cutler; Retired Bishop Sue Moxley; Rev. Ray Carter, All Saints Cathedral; Sharon MacLeod, (Past Refugee Coordinator), St. Mark’s Church, Halifax; Ian Gillis, St. Stephen’s Church Chester; Catherin Chandler, St. Luke’s Church, Hubbards

Financial Management and Development

Team Leader:  The Rev’d Carl Fraser.  Members: The Rev. Matthew Sponagle, Mr. Andy Carras, Mr. Jack Marshall, Mr. Ted Johnson, Mr. Derek Hounsell, Ms. Sarah-Jane Raines, and Mr. Peter Flemming (Controller).

Budget Task Group:  Andy Carras, Task Group Leader

Audit Committee: Chair: Ted Johnson.  Members:  Donna Mossman

Appointments Committee

Chair:  vacant;   Members:  Selma Doucet, Rev’d Cheryl Rafuse, Rory Francis, Robert Manuel

Archives Committee

Chair:  Rev’d Tom Kerr.  Members: Taunya Dawson,  Rosemary Barbour, The Rev. Glen Kent, Darryl Spidell (corresponding member) and Lorraine Slopek, Diocesan Archivist

Updated June 2018