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Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator

 Allie Colp is the Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator for the Diocese. The work of this position can be summed up with three headings: listening, doing, and telling stories. Allie is going to spend a lot of time talking to people. She will be engaging with families in the diocese, not just youth, to discover what they want and need from her ministry. She will be listening to youth workers in parishes and providing support. She will be be listening to the VSST and the bishop about their needs and wishes for the diocese, and then she will try to address those needs and wishes through her ministry.

She will be a teacher, in helping communities learn how to serve their families and young people, she will be reading resources and distributing them so that other people in ministry can have up-to-date information and education. She will be talking about family ministry in a way that reminds everyone that they can all do it together.

She will be working with leadership at major existing events like DYC, CLAY, TEC and Stronger Together, working with the National church on Youth and Family initiatives, and she will be innovating new ways of working with youth and including families.

She will be telling the story of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. She will have to report to committees and councils and synods, to the VSST, to the Bishop and to the Diocesan Times. She will be posting on social media and getting people excited, and she will be praying. She will be praying for how best to do her job, for our support in doing it, for the people she works with, and for the youth she ministers to.

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For support, resources, a sounding board, ideas or any other way that you think that the YFMC can help you out. 

Allie Colp

Please note:

Allie is on maternity leave.  Jen Schwartz is the Communications Coordinator for Youth and Family Ministry while she is on leave.  Jen can be reached at: [email protected]

(updated September 2019)