Topical Information for Synod Attendees

Alphabetical List of Topics Information and Resources
Accommodations On your own.  There may be Residence rooms at Dalhousie, but Synod receives no special consideration there ([email protected])
Alternate Lay and Youth Delegates Alternates only become delegates and consequently Members of Synod when the rector/priest-in-charge has notified the Synod Office that the elected delegate cannot fulfill his/her obligation. Then the Alternate may register online. Once an Alternate replaces a Delegate, the replacement becomes the Delegate representing the Parish, and fulfills all obligations of a Delegate and Member of Synod until the next meeting of Diocesan Synod. This includes Parish Council and Regional Council obligations.
Clergy Delegates Qualifications: Clergy residing in and holding a license from the Bishop in the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
Costs The Diocese covers all costs related to meeting facilities.  There will be a $20 charge per delegate to partially offset the cost of catered meals.
Delegates are responsible for travel and accommodations. Delegates may wish to approach their Parish Council regarding reimbursement of accommodation and mileage costs related to Synod attendance.
Elections There will be no elections happening on the floor at Synod 2013.
Lay Delegates Qualifications: Each Lay Representative shall be a communicant and regular attender of the full age of 16 years before his/her election or appointment, who is also qualified to vote at meetings of the pastoral unit s/he is to represent. Each pastoral unit may elect or appoint three lay representatives.

Term: Lay representatives will not serve more than two terms (synod to synod) consecutively whereever possible; in effect for Synod 2013.
Observers Observers, i.e. non-delegates, do NOT need to register for Synod. An observation area will be designated. Observers are NOT allowed to sit with delegates on the floor of Synod. There is no provision for meals for Observers at Synod.
Orientation to Synod Open to all, but highly recommended for those attending Diocesan Synod for the first time as a delegate. Orientation will be Thursday at 10 AM, May 30th in Room 307 of the Dalhousie Student Union Building. Make sure to bring your Convening Circular.
Youth delegates have their own Orientation session at 11:45 AM in Room 302, with lunch provided.
Parking Parking can be difficult on weekdays.  The good parking news is that Synod this year does not coincide with Convocation.  For Dalhousie parking permit information email [email protected]
The IWK parking lot is located on University Ave between Robie & Summer.
You may also park at the QEII, on Robie St between Jubiliee Rd. and the Willowtree. Click here for rates.
Postulants Postulants for Ordination in the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are Lay Delegates for the Diocese and not his/her Parish. Postulants must register online by the noted deadline. Contact the Synod Office if you have not received a registration link by the opening day of Registration.
Presentations If your group or organization would like to make a presentation to Synod, you must submit a request. Click here for the request page. The deadline to submit a presentation request is March 15th.
Registration (Online) Opens April 15. A link to the form will be sent to delegates specified in the parish Certificate of Election. Those without computer access or who need assistance or a paper registration form should call (902) 420-0717. The registration deadline is May 13.
Resolutions Resolutions must be received by the Executive Secretary of Synod in hard copy or by email by 5 PM on Feb 28, 2013.
Click here for instructions on writing resolutions.
Youth (Lay) Delegates Qualifications: Each youth delegate shall be a communicant and regular attender who will be at least sixteen years of age upon the opening of Synod and under the age of twenty-five years upon the conclusion of Synod and who is also qualified to vote at meetings of the pastoral unit he or she is to represent.

Term: A youth delegate continues in office until the youth delegate's successor is elected or appointed.

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