Diocesan Synod 2015

146th Session of Synod


Thursday, May 28th, Friday, May 29th and Saturday, May 30th, 2015

Synod is now adjourned

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Disposition of Resolutions to the 146th Diocesan Synod

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Diocesan Synod Highlights

Day Three
Saturday, May 30, 2015

The final day of the 146th Session of Synod was called to order and was opened with prayer by Bishop Ron Cutler.  He then continued with the third part of The Bishop’s Charge, “It’s About the World – What Will Be?”  Of the several points Bishop Ron made he emphasized that although we have to prepare ourselves for the mission of the Church, the gifts that we need for that mission are already here.  He further referred to the writings of C.S. Lewis in “The Chronicles of Narnia” speaking of the Lion King and then by extension stated: “God can be trusted; God is not safe; but He is good; He is a King I tell you.”

The Rev. Lisa Vaughn then spoke on the topic of “Fire” and asked the thoughtful question: Who is responsible for the Holy Fire within you?” After her reflection on this topic the synod members took time to discuss the questions generated from the two presentations.

A vote took place to decide a Lay Delegate for Provincial Synod after which the members of synod broke for “brunch”. After refreshment, resolution #4(b) was brought to the floor after being deferred from yesterday’s discussions on the resolutions. The mover brought forward a newly worded form of the resolution and it carried with little debate.  Synod also received information through three presentations from the Building Healthy Parishes Team (BHPT), a talk on Healthy Leadership from the Vision Strategy Support Team (VSST), and a presentation from the Mother’s Union of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, all of which were informative and enlightening. Although all presentations to Synod were noteworthy, the presentation from the Council of the North as well as the presentation from the Junior Auxiliary from St. Frances by the Lakes were truly inspiring and the latter ended with the youth singing “We Are Children of the Light.”

Resolutions #12 regarding the appointment of Regional Deans, and #13 regarding Elections to Parish Councils were considered and both were carried.

Synod drew to a close with housekeeping motions and Bishop Ron thanking all who worked to make the 146th Session of Synod a great success.  Synod ended at 2:55 p.m. after an uplifting Eucharist led by Bishop Ron.


Day Two
Friday May 29th, 2015

Bishop Ron opened the second day of the 146th session of Synod with prayer at 9:00 a.m.  Bishop Ron then moved directly into Part Two of the Bishop’s Charge entitled “It’s About the World – What Can Be?”  In this part of his charge Bishop Ron spoke about Attitudinal Barriers, identifying some of them and then proceeded to discuss the Five Marks of Mission in the Anglican Communion.  Two notable comments were: a healthy and vital parish is not an end in itself – it is a means to an end; and, God’s Spirit is Still Speaking – Can you hear it? God’s Spirit is Calling, to break down the barriers.  The Bishop then broke down the wall of boxes which was a barrier between synod members and a representation of the world.

Archdeacon John Clarke then spoke on the symbolism of the boxes relating it to the events of the first Easter Morning.  A key point was that we are not afraid of change but do have a fear of the unknown.  He concluded with the three questions for discussion: What is the Spirit saying to the Diocese? What is the Spirit saying to your Parish? and, What is the spirit saying to you?

After the Discussion Groups presented their papers to the front of the room, Archdeacon Clarke led synod in the Renewal of Baptismal Vows. Synod then voted to elect General and Provincial Synod representatives.

In the time remaining before lunch Resolution #10 – to amend Canon 35, Parish Government, Section 18(6) was put to synod and carried in a relatively short period of time.

Immediately after lunch The Rev. Chandler led worship time and Bishop Ron followed by marking several milestones in the lives of Anglican Clergy and Laity by announcing the presentation of Clergy Anniversary Certificates and the Presentation of Faithful Service Awards as well as the reading “Names of Memorials.

The afternoon also saw presentations from Alpha Ministries Canada (Shaila Visser, presenter) and from AST (The Atlantic School of Theology (The Rev. Canon Dr. Jody Clarke, presenter), Healthy Parishes (The Rev. Lisa Vaughn, presenter), Environment Network (The Rev. Marian Lucas-Jeffries, presenter) and PWRDF Mission Outreach (Chris Pharo, presenter), as well as the consideration of Resolutions #8 which was carried after some discussion, and Resolution #9 which generated much discussion, received two amendments, one carried, the other defeated before a motion to table the motion for study and to be considered at our next synod was proposed and carried.

After a delicious and filling supper synod resumed with prayer followed by a stimulating presentation from The Rev. Cathy Lee Cunningham on The Charter for Compassion.  She immediately thereafter presented and moved Resolution 16. The question was called and the resolution was carried.

Business of the day continued with The Rev. Matthew Sponagle moving Resolution #11 to amend Canon 35 in regard to Wardens of a parish which was carried and then The Rev. Mark Kingsbury proposed Resolution #14 which created much discussion and has been deferred to tomorrow.  The day ended with Compline, concluding at 8:53 p.m.


Day One 

Thursday May 28, 2015

 The 146th Session of Synod of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island was called to order at 1:04 p.m. May 28, 2015 by Bishop Ron Cutler, Diocesan Bishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  Bishop Ron also led those present in the Opening Prayer.

Initial Resolutions which included Loyalty to the Queen, Greetings to the Anglican Communion and the granting of courtesies of the House to Ecumenical Visitors and the Military Ordinate were moved and carried.

Part One of Bishop Ron’s Charge entitled “It’s about the World – What is?” spoke to the important topic of “Where we are”.  Bishop Ron talked about all the changes that have and are occurring in our diocese, the greater church and in society.  He presented some interesting statistics which emphasised his point of how a variety of cultural, economic and demographic changes has an impact on our culture both in the church and society.  Bishop Ron stated that we face many barriers and we have to be willing to prepare ourselves to face the changes that must come while understanding that transition is not the end.  The Bishop’s full address will be posted on the diocesan website in the near future.

After a Prayer Service there was a presentation by Bonnie Skerritt and members of CLAY (Canadian Lutheran/Anglican Youth).  The presentation included an all-inclusive invitation to join them at their next gather in Charlottetown, August 17-21, 2016.

Then followed three resolutions which were all carried with little or no discussion.  Bishop Ron displayed his unique character by having delegates vote in a different manner on each of these three resolutions.

Following a short video presentation by the Building Health Parishes Team on Education for Ministry business for the day concluded on time at 5:00 p.m.

The Opening Eucharist began out of doors with a procession in to the Cathedral.  The evening ended with a reception hosted by AST (Atlantic School of Theology) and a Coffeehouse and Open Mike hosted by the Youth of our Diocese.


Convening Circular

Cover and Table of Contents

Part 1 - Need-to-Know information including: On-Line Registration, Check-in, Accommodations, Parking, Meals, Coffee and Snacks, Costs, Physical Space, Internet, Campus Map, Orientations (Adult and Youth), Presentations, Motions, Elections, Displays, Receptions, Social Media, Good Manners, Observers / Non-Delegates, Synod Arrangements Team, Tentative Agenda

Part 2 - Administration 

Part 3 - Resolutions

Part 4 - Reports



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